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Reverie benefits The Looking Glass Foundation



We look in the mirror, we see a true reflection of ourselves – Looking Glass Foundation

All net proceeds from class 139’s fashion show go to the Looking Glass Foundation. Today there is a lot of pressure put on the way we look, especially in the fashion world, which is why the Looking Glass Foundation is a great charity for John Casablancas Institute.

Looking Glass is a charitable foundation on Galiano Island that offers help and support for people suffering from eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa or eating disorder not otherwise specified. The foundation offers a variety of support services including the Woodstone Treatment Centre, summer camps, and online support groups.

Three moms who encountered this disease first hand with their own children came together and started the Looking Glass Foundation. Besides the professional staff at the Woodstone Treatment Centre all time spent with the foundation is 100% volunteered. Volunteers include parents, friends and individuals who have experienced this disease first hand with loved ones and are extremely passionate about the cause.

Eating disorders being widely misunderstood often go untreated and lead to severe health problems that can become life threatening. The Looking Glass Foundation offers support and awareness about this serious disease and encourages people to come forward and accept the help they offer.

As students we are happy to help make The Looking Glass and their patients even stronger.

Ashly Lorraine, JCI Fashion Student

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