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Sand to Gobo! – The Lasya Tandava Runway



The process of designing the stage for Lasya Tandava has actually turned into quite a dilemma. Initially, the runway was excitedly proposed to be a dessert-like sand runway. This runway concept would have created a spectacular, long, rectangular, sand box! We had even found a sand sponsor! However, due to some complications with Performance Works who thought the sand may ruin their flooring and may
possibly grind away the runway, the sand box runway was trashed.

We started back at square one and decided to ask Performance Works for their opinions. The staging manager at Performance Works then gave us the idea of an alternative sand runway! One that will not be as messy. His idea was to glue sand onto a tarp making a thin, sandpaper-like runway. With all the materials bought, we began the gluing and the sand-mix testing. After a week of waiting and drying, the results finally came in. But they were unfortunately, very poor. Because the glue hardened, rolling the sand tarp would not be possible. Then we thought what if we had the sand tarps in sections to easily transport to the show! However, that was also an issue due to the brittleness of the hardened sand and glue mixture. This would also result in the stage runway breaking and crumbling during the show as the models strut down the runway.

After all the strenuous tests and trials, we ended up completely cancelling the sand all together and finalized a raised runway. But we have found a way to make it look cool! Now with a fantastic Gobo lighting pattern (pictured above), the runway will have a seamlessly moving background. Now the runway is final, and satisfyingly, ready for Lasya Tandava!

The Lasya Tandava Fashion Show happens Thursday June 13 at Performance Works (Granville Island), doors open at 6pm with space for socializing and drinks, then the fashion show starts at 7:30pm. Tickets for JCI’s Lasya Tandava Fashion Show in support of Looking Glass Foundation are $20 in advance, $25 at the door or $15 for current JCI students. Tickets are available at JCI (220 Cambie).

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Sarah Tam, JCI Fashion Student

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