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Ah yes, January and, hopefully February, are a time of packed gyms and fad diets. It can only mean one thing – New Years’ Resolutions. Yes, dear friends, we are in the thick of it now.

I have always been quite active but fitting in time for exercise has been tough since I started school. Before school started, I was swimming every day up to 3km in under an hour and a half (that’s 120 lengths of a standard competition pool – not exactly an easy feat). My resolution this year is definitely not to lose weight, but to adopt a healthier lifestyle and maintain an exercise regime. I will definitely continue to swim lengths because I enjoy it but I thought I would try something a little outside of my comfort zone.

So say hello to Barre Fitness. Now, I am not a dancer, nor do I pretend to be. I took ballet until I was 8 years old but definitely was not destined to be a ballerina. The beauty of this one-hour fitness class is that, even though there are some plies, you do not need to be a dancer to enjoy the benefits of it. Barre Fitness is a mix of Ballet, Pilates, Yoga, and Weight Training. It is a killer workout and I could feel a difference in my body immediately. My abs felt tighter, my posture was better – I felt amazing and had so much fun during the class. I can’t wait to take it again!

Kirstie Campbell, JCI Fashion Student

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