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As a student who has survived JCI’s Fashion Business and Creative Arts program, I’ve put together some tips for students that might make you life a bit easier.

Tip #1: Set all of your clocks five minutes ahead. You won’t actually notice your clock is ahead because it seems like such a small amount of time but let’s face it, you probably have nothing to wear and would like to stop at Starbucks before class and you most likely can’t run in your Jeffrey Campbell shoes.

Tip #2: Sleep. Just to clarify I said sleep not nap. Napping only further destroys your already nonexistent sleep cycle, and you will at some point be pulling all nighters and resisting the urge to nap immediately after school is crucial if you are to avoid becoming nocturnal.

Tip #3: Drink water. Water is your friend. It will eliminate the pounding headache and shakes associated with drinking a pot of coffee a day or a bottle of wine the night before.

Tip #4: Pack a lunch. You’re not a nice person when you’re hungry.

Tip #5: Learn to appreciate your classmates. There may be times when you debate throwing them out the window or you feel like they’re being complete jerks. But you know what, they’re your jerks. It’s kind of like a family at JCI and at the end of the day we see each other more than we see anyone else in our lives.

It isn’t nearly as easy as Lauren Conrad makes it look, so check out this link on more tips for making it in the fashion industry.

Roy Wilcox, JCI Fashion Grad

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