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Self-Care Products You Need This Fall

Maria Velasquez
Blog / Body Spa

And just like that, Summer came to an end.

With Fall approaching quicker than ever, we have turned to the health and wellness professionals to help you prepare for the new season, mentally and physically. Scroll down to view some of the popular products that Millenials are consuming for better health, fitness, nutrition and well-being.

The Wellness Kits 

Academic, financial, work, physical, and social stress are common for Millenials to undergo, which are a few reasons that self-care has become more important than ever. These trending wellness kits can help you re-center yourself and remind you that you are beautiful on the inside and out.

The Lunarly Kit is a popular wellness kit that gives you the opportunity to sign a yearly subscription and receive a mystery wellness box each month.

“I know the first thing you’re wondering is “WHAT’S IN THE BOX?!” Each month, you’ll find an assortment of beautiful new treasures for yourself and your space. From curated wellness items such as crystals, incense, and candles to houseplants hand-potted by the good souls at Bloomscape, Lunarly has GOT YOU.” – BuzzFeed

The Women’s Health Beauty Box is another wellness kit that has all the essentials every woman needs.

“The new Women’s Health Beauty Box not only comes with a host of the beauty faves of the best in the biz, but WH obviously has to bring you the best quality wellness products as well – so you can gym, chill and sleep better than the wellness grammers. You’re welcome.” – Women’s Health Magazine

Bathing & Relaxing 

Light a candle, fill up your bathtub, put on some acoustic music and relax with Rituals. Heal your body and soul with this home and body company inspired by the wisdom and ancient traditions of Asian cultures. Rituals sell affordable products and are known for their beautiful and unique fragrances.

Treat yourself with bath essentials including their newest The Ritual of Holi: Shower Foam Flower, which is a shower foam used for massaging onto your skin while inhaling the beautiful scent of blooming flowers. The scents are used to tap into your mind and soul, allowing you to have the most relaxing experience.

This company offers a range of products including the Crackling Body Mousse, bath bombs, shower oils, scrubs and more.

Women’s Health

Beauty isn’t all about focusing on your appearance, it’s also about your health. Brands are invested in creating products to promote health and skincare. BEAR is an Australian company that sells Essential Daily Vitamins for Immunity, Clarity, Energy and Balance, and Essential Daily Superpowders, which contain 100% certified organic and biodynamic green Australian Lady Finger bananas.

“Founded by Sammy Leetham and Saasha Burns, BEAR is disrupting the current beauty and wellness landscape.” – BEAR

LYMA is another wellness brand that produces “easy to swallow” capsules for women and are gluten-free, vegetarian, paraben, sulphate allergen and sugar-free. These capsules allow you to boost your energy and combat stress.

Wellness Apps

There’s no denying that we all get busy with our lives and it gets tough to take time off to just relax and be at peace with yourself. However, since Millenials tend to spend a lot of time on their phones, here are a few self-care apps that you can download.

Sanity & Self is an app that includes hundreds of sessions from experts in sleep, massage, beauty, running, self-empowerment, personal training, yoga, breathing, meditation and more.

Shine is another self-care app that is basically your sidekick. This app gives you daily self-love and motivational text messages.

Fitness Focus

Yuni, a skin, body and hair care company, has designed on-the-go products to use for those who workout. Yuni Shower Sheets are to be used as washcloths to gently wipe down your face. Whether you’re at the gym, doing yoga or going for a run, you can take these shower sheets along with you anywhere, and they’re the perfect travel size.

Yuni also provides muscle recovery gels, cleansing foams, body mists, scrubs, jade rollers and more. These products are available for purchase at Sephora.

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