After Shawnice Lauder-Blake graduated high-school, she attended Grant Macewan University in Edmonton, where she was double-majoring in Anthropology and Greek and Roman studies. Shawnice had a love for ancient civilization, however, there was something holding her back from pursuing this as a career. She expressed a love for fashion and designing lingerie was her ultimate goal.
Meet 24-year-old Shawnice Lauder-Blake, a lingerie designer for her brand Fox Fantasy. 

Born in Penticton, B.C. and raised in Victoria, Shawnice moved to Vancouver to pursue her dreams of becoming a fashion designer.

“I wanted a change in life and wanted a career that I would love every minute of. And that’s when I decided to enroll at JCI.”

Aside from hearing that John Casablancas Institute is an influential school with a diversity of teachers who work in the fashion industry, Shawnice wanted to receive hands-on experience from those who know first-hand what it’s like.

Editorial Photoshoot with JCInstitute

“I chose to enroll in the Core Design Program for myself. I wanted to be in control of the design process from start to finish, which is why now I can design and sew every piece for my brand.” 

During her time at JCI, Shawnice interned with Vancouver Fashion Week where she was able to learn a lot about the fashion industry in the city and local designers. She also had the opportunity to intern as a Marketing Coordinator with Vancouver-based jewelry brand, House of Max, where she learned all things marketing and more about jewelry, which was an advantage for Shawnice since she plans to incorporate jewelry in her future collections.

“My favorite part of being at JCI was learning the different areas in the fashion industry and being able to hone in on what my strengths are. As well as learning from many amazing teachers to refine my skills.” 

Designing lingerie was something that came to Shawnice naturally. Her drive for this brand may have come from her being a huge believer of the Free Nipple Movement and SlutWalks. But she also loves the way lingerie could bring up one’s confidence and make them feel sexy without even trying.

“I always wanted to have a healthy balance in life between work and home life. I wanted to pursue a career where I could work from home and be able to start a family and be there with them while doing something I love. My brand Fox Fantasy came from this.”

Fox Fantasy is designed for those who are empowered by their lust. The brand offers erotic fetish lingerie for women who fall in love with the darkness and all that it offers. It’s for those who embrace their sexual desires and passion, and the sensual woman who embodies playfulness, and femininity in every way.

“I want my brand to accentuate the natural curves of the body. Not to take away from the natural body.”

Shawnice is currently working on a new dusty and rose collection which offers a soft feminine touch, unlike her previous collection which consisted of dark and lace pieces.

“I absolutely love the lingerie brands Something Wicked and Honey Birdette. Both of
these companies inspire me with there sexy, erotic styles. I am super inspired by Honey Birdette pushing boundaries and placing ads that showcase the nipple, without blurring them out.”

A day in Shawnice’s life goes a little something like this: coffee is crucial. Before even thinking about her day, she needs her daily dose of caffeine and then this fashion designer is off to her studio working on her designs. When she isn’t working on her brand, she is constantly looking up inspiration and different fabrics on her internet. At the end of the day, you can find Shawnice snuggled up with her three cats.

“I am working on taking photography classes to learn the different aspects of working a camera and getting the perfect photos I want to represent my brand.”

Although it can be tough finding a balance between work and life, the fashion industry is an amazing place to work in for designers, especially when you have individuals who enjoy wearing your designs. The only struggle Shawnice tells us is that she sometimes feels ‘expected’ to push new products or follow trends, but she is definitely no trend-follower.

“If I do get into a trend, it’s usually when it’s obsolete.” 

Shawnice is currently working on many new projects, including taking up photography lessons and exploring new silhouettes. Keep up with Shawnice while she is aiming to release a lookbook in 2019 and have her website running.
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In a time when we are so removed from where our clothing comes from, it takes a special individual to want to pursue fashion design- a person who understands how rewarding it feels to make something with their own hands. Someone who possesses an innate desire to create and is determined to bring their unique vision to the world. In the Core Fashion Design program, you’ll start with something as abstract as a sketch and turn it into a collection. We’ll provide you with the most advanced and relevant curriculum, while training in an environment that’s similar to a real fashion design company, so you can make your mark on the world as a designer.
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