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Smartphone Movie Time


cinema DIY.jpgHave you ever wanted to go to a drive-in movie theater or have a movie night outside during the summer months? You can! All you need is a smartphone, shoe box, duct tape, X-acto knife (it works better than scissors), magnifying glass (3-4 inch diameters), a ruler, pencil, and a phone stand.

First thing you do is duct tape all the openings on the shoe box, make sure to cover all the holes and gaps in the box, you don’t want to allow any light to enter or leave the box except for where you will place the magnifying glass.

Next, mark around the lens. Go to the front and center of the box, on the shorter side. Place the magnifying glass there and mark around it so you will know where to cut. After, use your X-Acto knife to cut out the hole you just marked but make it a slightly smaller hole so it will hold the lens. Patch up any rough edges with duct tape and push the lens into the opening from the inside of the box.

Line up your smartphone with the magnifying glass and mark this space. This is so you will know where to place the phone whenever you use it. Place your “phone stand” on the spot you just marked and glue or tape it down.

You’re ready to use your new projector! Turn the screen brightness up to the highest setting on our phone and open the video you want to watch. You will have to place the phone upside down in order to have the picture appear right-side up. Set up a white sheet or use a wall for a screen and don’t forget to plug your phone into some type of speaker so you can hear what you’re watching.

It’s time to pop the popcorn, turn off the lights and enjoy the movie.

P.S. Here is a good site for making DIY speakers using a Pringles can!

Carolyn McCauley, JCI Fashion Student

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