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Speed Application: How to Apply Makeup that Lasts in Under 20 Minutes


We all know that professional makeup has to stand up to the indiscriminate scrutiny of close-up shots, bright lights and inclement conditions like extreme heat or torrential rain, but this doesn’t mean that keeping day-to-day makeup from migrating isn’t just as much of a challenge. We’ve rounded up some tips and tricks of the trade for a long-lasting makeup routine that will have you out the door in a flash and still keep you looking fresh all day!

A Well-Prepped Face (3 Minutes)

Photo credit: Yuganov Konstantin/Shutterstock

The trick to lasting makeup is a clean and primed canvas for your makeup to adhere to. Any oil and leftover makeup on your skin will create a slick layer that will allow additional makeup to easily smudge. Prepare skin in a flash with a 2-in-1 cleanser and toner, followed by a light layer of moisturizer. If you have oily skin, opt for a mattifying or oil-free moisturizer.

Laying the Foundation (2 Minutes)

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Follow up your moisturizer with an all-over face primer. A quality primer will lock in your foundation and keep it looking even all day (and night). For makeup that really won’t budge, apply a quick loose layer of powder on top of primer before applying foundation. This will soak up a bit of the primer as well as help to adhere foundation. For warmer weather or a night out, consider a waterproof foundation.

Conceal & Blend (3 Minutes)

Use a trusted concealer to cover any bags, imperfections or dark spots. Blend it with a brush into your foundation and simultaneously blend your foundation for a uniform look. Blending also helps adhere your base colour to your skin, resulting in a flawless foundation that lasts.

Create Depth (3 Minutes)

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For a spot of contouring, use a cream foundation or contour stick to create some darker areas in the hollows of your cheeks (under the cheekbone), at your temples, around your hairline and under your jaw. Take this opportunity to sweep a cream or gel blush onto the apples of your cheeks. Set the look by applying powder with a large, dense, natural bristle brush.

The Eyes Have It (5 Minutes)

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Before applying any eyeshadow, make sure to prime your lids to ensure colour stays put (feel free to use your face primer for this). A long-lasting liner trick? Use a liquid liner, wait until it’s almost dry and use a fine brush to dust layer of dark or black shadow over top. For lashes, apply a quick dab of translucent powder before applying a waterproof mascara. This will help thicken your lashes while locking in your mascara.

Lip Lock (2 Minutes)

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Applying a coat of lip stain under your lipstick guarantees that even if lipstick starts to fade, you’ll have a backup plan that will keep your lips looking luscious. For extra lip-conscious ladies out there, consider applying a lip liner keep your colour on lock.

Wrap it Up (2 Minutes)

Finish off your look with a final light dusting of powder and use a spritz or two of makeup setting spray before heading out the door. Taking these extra measures will lock everything in place and you’ll be confident that your makeup won’t be going anywhere!

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