eco fashion week
Fashion Magazine recently published a Beginner’s Guide to Spring Cleaning, featuring 8 essential tips to get your Spring started. Here’s a list of some of their Spring cleaning ideas:

  • Assess the situation: Ensure that you have enough room to move around in the space you’re cleaning. You can then begin to remove pieces, one-by-one, from your closet and assess which pile they’ll be going in. Your three piles will be: keep, toss, maybe.
  • Keep, toss, and maybe: For items that you absolutely love and tend to gravitate towards, keep it. If you know you’re not going to wear an item ever again, then toss it. And if you find yourself conflicted with an item, keep it and sleep on it before making a decision.
  • One in, one out: Use the “one in, one out” rule to maintain the size of your wardrobe. If you know you’re purchasing a new item, consider removing or donating one from your closet.
  • Donate or sell: Go through your toss pile and consider donating or giving away pieces that friends, family, or others can use. You can also try selling your pieces at local consignment stores, or try clothing exchange groups.

This Spring cleaning list couldn’t come at a better time. With Eco Fashion Week starting on April 9th, it serves as a gentle reminder that you can keep it eco-chic by restyling and recycling your closet pieces.

Eco Fashion Week starts on April 9th and run until April 14th. It’s a week where the fashion-conscious and sustainable-minded get informed and inspired through speaker seminars, industry panels, and collaborative fashion shows. This year we’re proud to see one of our own JCI Fashion graduates, Jason Pillay, take part in Eco Fashion week in the Thrift Style Challenge. Three participants are challenged to create an entire runway collection from carefully gathered Value Village pieces. With a focus on restyling, this event combines fashionable and conscious in a fun way! Keep up with the blog to learn more about Jason and this challenge!