Fashion Week is by far the most exciting time of the year. From witnessing new emerging designers showcasing their collections, to seeing what our favorite style icons are wearing, the city is filled with bold trends and outfits waiting to be copied by the rest of the world.
We can’t deny that we’re scrolling through Instagram with our eyes glued to the screen just to see what popular bloggers and influencers are wearing this season. Seeing the different style trends is definitely a past-time hobby during fashion week, but this year, we’ve been amazed by the street beauty trends at NYFW, including hair, makeup and nail trends.

Pin It Back

Hairpins are the latest trending accessories this season and we are in love. This 90’s-inspired style has been seen all over Instagram, even JCI Fashion Business & Creative Arts graduate Emma Leger has also been spotted rocking her Dior and Chanel hairpins from Deluxe Chokers.

Classic bobby pins have also been spotted on the streets of New York giving a sophisticated look, but we are totally digging the statement pins with wording on them. This a trend that you’re going to want to get on.

Keep It Wavy

Wavy hair is a major key hair trend that we’re seeing bloggers rocking at New York. This youthful trend gives the perfect summery look during this winter season in the city. Mermaid waves are perfect to wear all year-around.

The Modern Ponytail

Ponytails are definitely not styled the way you remember them from your youth. Another hairstyle that’s trending at NYFW is the dazzling and detailed ponytail. What do you think of this trend? We are anticipating to try this during the warm season!

Bright and Fun Eyes

The brighter the eyeshadow, the brighter your future. We may have just made up that saying but let’s face it, it definitely could be true. Bright eyeshadow is super playful and fun to experiment with, and blogger + Instagram influencer Aimee Song has been rocking this look at fashion week.

Bright Manicures 

Nothing says fashion week like bright and bold manicures. These manicures allow fashion week and street style to remain youthful and vibrant.
Consider these bright colors for your next appointment at the JCI Body Spa!

Red Lips

The trending lip color seen on the streets of New York is red. The classic and bold red is a statement on its own and many women are seen wearing a bare face with minimal makeup and a touch of red to add a pop of color to their look.

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