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Student Designers at Lasya Tandava


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There are four students designing for the Lasya Tandava fashion show. I had the chance to talk to them about their inspiration and their future plans.

Nathaniel, Vancouver, 21

Why did you decide to design for the fashion show? I helped build the fashion show from the ground up so I might as well carry it through to the end. I have always been an ambitious person.

What inspired your designs for the show? I was looking at contemporary art and Japanese designers so I was influenced by new cuts and different unconventional uses of fabric.

What designers inspire you the most? Mary Katrantzou, Raf Simons is always cutting edge for me, The Row- I like their return of class, hand stitching and clean cuts, so pretty and pristine.

What’s the next step for you? I need to travel, I feel a little sheltered. I’ve never been outside BC. Then after I travel for about a year, I want to go full force in the industry in as many ways as I can.

Emily, Coquitlam, 18

How long have you been sewing? Since I was 7 years old.

7 that’s so young! How did you learn? My grandma got me into sewing classes in the summer. It was something that I like doing so when I got to high school I took it as an elective. The only thing I wanted to do was textile; I couldn’t cook, act, or draw so that left textiles.

You’re designing for the creation part of the show. How do you see creation in your mind? Light pastel colours and flowy fabrics. Nothing really structured because I want it to be able to move.

What inspired you for your designs? It was a collaboration with Morgan. We were talking, I was looking online then we decided on chiffon because it has that flowiness. The fabric is really hard to work with though; it doesn’t cooperate.

Do you feel ready for the show? I will feel more ready once I start sewing. I have all the major cutting done. It was the major hurdle, it takes a long time. Luckily I’m a really fast sewer.

Rebecca, Summerland, 21

How long have you wanted to be a designer? Around 5 and a1/2 years.

You’re from Summerland. How did you decide that is what you wanted to do? In high school I hated sewing and hated fashion. I didn’t like being told what I had to make. Then I had a teacher that brought passion into it. I found that I could draw, create, and sew.

What designers inspire you in general? Marchesa, Mcqueen, Valentino, even if he doesn’t sew anything, I love his mind.

What do you see for yourself after grad? I’m accepted into Vancouver Community College for their 2 year design program. Other than that, I want to find an internship and eventually build your own brand.

Morgan, Moose Jaw, 22

You’re a self taught sewer. How long have you been sewing? I started teaching myself around 2010. I started off not interested in fashion. Then one day I turned the TV and saw a Balenciaga runway show. It drew me to the art of fashion and design and prompted me to make a dress myself. Someone asked me where it was from and that turned into me designing customs for other people.

You’re a very creative person. What inspires you in general? Music is a huge part of my life. It is my main draw of inspiration. I love the Chemical Brothers and the Cinematic Orchestra. Angels and Airwaves are always huge for me.

What’s been the hardest part about getting ready or the show? Time management. Trying to balance school work and all my responsibilities for the show while designing.

The Lasya Tandava Fashion Show happens Thursday June 13 at Performance Works (Granville Island), doors open at 6pm with space for socializing and drinks, then the fashion show starts at 7:30pm. Tickets for JCI’s Lasya Tandava Fashion Show in support of Looking Glass Foundation are $20 in advance, $25 at the door or $15 for current JCI students. Tickets are available at JCI (220 Cambie).

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Lisa Bandura, JCI Fashion Student

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