Hair is definitely one of the main victims for this season. It can suffer from heat and humidity which leads to hair drying out, the loss of shine, hair becoming more brittle, hair getting tangled easily, the loss of strength – and don’t forget about the frizziness!

To avoid all of this, we have teamed up with Renee Geraghty the managing partner and product development manager at AXIS Salon and HairCare, Renee will recommend  this season’s best tips and products to avoid those damages from happening.

But first things first! Why Axis Products?

“AXIS Professional Hair Care is a line free of aerosol, parabens, perfumes and sulfates. Why? Because we care about you and the environment. We’re cruelty free, which means no animal testing and its all made in Canada !”– Renee

Ok, I’m sure we’re all sold with that but how do we use those products and when?!

  1. Prep is Key!

You’re looking to prepare your hair prior to sun exposure rather than just hydrate it after a long day under the sun.

“Let’s start with what you should do before you head out into the sun! I highly recommend wearing a hat to protect both hair and scalp. However, if you’re not into hats, its best for you to apply an spf 30 sunscreen directly on your part line! Some of our products contain a light sunscreen to leave a veil of protection over the hair.  AXIS knot ēē It’s not only fantastic for heat protection but also 2nd day wave/curl reactivation” – Renee

  1. A Good Shampoo + Conditioner is KEY!

The most important thing in taking care of hair is having a good shampoo and conditioner, that’s why Renee suggests “a gentle shampoo to treat both hair and scalp.  This will both soothe and hydrate hair and skin.  Remember a hydrated scalp is the most important aspect of you healthy hair regime.” AXIS tē trē shampoo and conditioner are the most popular for creating and maintaining balance.

“We’ve combined the 3 essentials for a healthy scalp in this effective duo:

  1. Balance- burdock root, tea tree oil
  2. Anti-Inflammation- chamomile, caffeine, cinnamon 
  3. Stimulation- peppermint, eucalyptus 

Once you try these two AXIS favourites you fall in love.” – Renee

  1. Good Care Means Healthy Hair

Looking forward to long days at the beach with your hair flowing in the wind? Well you’re going to need something to keep it hydrated. Renee suggests AXIS re’ me dē a leave in conditioner that is perfect for any post- therapy healing your hair might need, AXIS re’ me dē is awesome after being in the sun.  It’s highly concentrated and gives the hair the additional moisture it needs after being at the beach all day.” 

This product contains essential oil aromas of rosewood, lavender and ylang ylang. To make things even better, its super easy to use, wash with your favourite AXIS cleanser and conditioner. towel dry. follow with a small amount of AXIS re’ me dē from ends towards root.

  1. Waves For Days

Having the most natural and perfect beach waves is what most of us look forward to this season, but what is the goodness in it if at the end of the day instead of getting a beautiful beachy mane we get brittle, tangled and dead end hair?

So, let’s get that wavy texture without any damage, Renee suggests using the AXIS bēach spray which adds texture and activates your natural wave. This product is also extremely easy to use. You just spray and air dry – that’s it!

So now you’ve got your products , your tips , your how to’s , guess what’s next?

Time to enjoy the sun!

Want to know more about the Axis Product Line or even book an appointment? Visit: https://www.axishairsalons.comto get more information.

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