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JCI Grad Spotlight: Lifestyle, Makeup, and Fashion Influencer Sayeh Sharelo

Can you tell us what you do in the makeup and fashion industry for work? I work in the film industry for now and have some things on the side. Working in the film industry is a filler, I'm not looking to work for someone else for the rest of my life. As most people have seen, I do have my own YouTube channel. I do makeup, fashion, and lifestyle videos. I do sponsored videos on my channel, and that's where I earn money. I also do a lot of stuff on Instagram. I am a brand promoter for clothing companies and makeup companies. Companies send me product (fo...


Blog / Features / Makeup / Profiles / Videos

JCI MAKEUP GRAD SPOTLIGHT: Tanisha Nickeil Marcelle

Tell us about what do you do for work in the makeup industry? I was recently employed at Sephora as a Colour Consultant which was amazing! I really enjoyed that job because it gave me the opportunity to work on all skin types, tones, and textures, which of course only increased my knowledge in working with the general public as a makeup artist. Right now I am freelancing and pursing my YouTube and social media presence. What inspired you to get into makeup artistry? Funny enough, I didn't realize I wanted to become a Makeup Artist until my mid 20s...



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