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All About The Brows – With JCI Instructor Caitlin Ramage

Doesn’t it seem crazy how back in the day we used to pluck our eyebrows to try get them as thin as possible? Why did we do that? Full Brows are a thing now and I think this is one fashion that has helped most of us out, no need to cut or tease here! Just Shape , Fill Out and some tweezing here and there.. We are coming back to a more natural look similar to the 1940’s/50’s idols like Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren and Lauren Becall – who inspired the everyday women of the epoch with their full luscious eyebrows to go au natural. This was always a...


Maria Velasquez,
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Born To Do This: JCI Body Spa Graduate, Nim Sanghera

Born in Vancouver, BC and raised in North Delta, Nimrit (Nim) Sanghera always had an interest in becoming an Esthetician. Before enrolling at John Casablancas Institute for Body Spa, Nim had completed a Makeup Artistry Program elsewhere but was intrigued to learn more about the Spa Industry. "I felt that JCI prepared me really well for the spa world!"  Nim is the proud owner of her salon, Hush Haven, which recently celebrated its one year anniversary. Her passion is her work— she enjoys giving facials and feels at ease when doing treatments for her ...


Maria Velasquez,
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The New Skincare Trend: Crystal Healing

Crystal healing has become a popular skincare trend this year that involves crystal beauty products and stone treatments. The most common treatment using crystals is known as the gua sha massage. Gua sha is a traditional Chinese treatment used for facials. The benefits of gua sha facial massages are that it can increase blood circulation which then removes toxins that help prevent wrinkles and aging. Not only is this treatment good for your skin, but it is also very relaxing. A spa technician would use this flat handheld crystal tool and rake it...


Maria Velasquez,

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