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Becoming a Sustainable Fashionista

Is there such a thing as being an Eco-friendly shopper? How about a sustainable fashionista? Is it hard to be one? Or is there a way we can be environmentally friendly while also keeping true to our fashion style? As many of you may know, last week was Earth Day. We tend to celebrate Earth Day by actively engaging in ‘green’ activities such as recycling more, being more mindful of energy usage or lowering our water consumption. Nevertheless, as normal human beings, we tend not to keep up with these important tasks after Earth Day passes (or at l...


Maria Velasquez,
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Spring Cleaning Ideas In Time For Eco Fashion Week

Fashion Magazine recently published a Beginner's Guide to Spring Cleaning, featuring 8 essential tips to get your Spring started. Here's a list of some of their Spring cleaning ideas: Assess the situation: Ensure that you have enough room to move around in the space you’re cleaning. You can then begin to remove pieces, one-by-one, from your closet and assess which pile they’ll be going in. Your three piles will be: keep, toss, maybe. Keep, toss, and maybe: For items that you absolutely love and tend to gravitate towards, keep it. If you know...



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