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Must-Have Women’s Accessories for Pre-Fall 2018

Fashion is always moving fast and what we think may be the latest trends can end up being vanished in a blink of an eye. Designers are constantly working years ahead to bring out new and creative fashion. With Spring yet to arrive, we've already come to terms with the must-have women's accessories for pre-Fall 2018. This Fall you will notice youthful attitudes seen in fashion. Trends such as baseball caps, big scarves, tote bags and statement pieces will be seen worn by all the popular Instagram bloggers. Get prepared for Fall 2018 with these must-have...


Maria Velasquez,
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JCI Fashion Graduate, Co-op Student and Art Enthusiast: Carolina Lara Cardoso

Carolina Lara Cardoso knew exactly what she had to do in order to pursue her dreams of becoming an Art Director in Canada and leading a creative team. After a sudden loss in her family, she gathered herself together and moved from Brazil to Canada to study Fashion at John Casablancas Institute. “I decided to spend time away from Brazil to grow stronger as a person and learn more about the international fashion industry.” “Besides the fact that Fashion is one of the largest industries in the world with high demands, what inspired me to get into t...


Maria Velasquez,
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The 4 Pairs of Shoes you need this fall

With typical Vancouver showers coming our way soon, it's time to pack away all those summer sandals and get ready for colder weather. Luckily, a few good styles are all you need to transition into the season with ease. Check out our top 4 pairs of shoes you need this fall: Chelsea Boots The ultimate classic for any season, a Chelsea boot is a low heeled, low cut, slip on boot. They are easy to pair with anything from dresses and tights to jeans or leggings. This shoe is also a great year-round staple so think about investing in a quality piece! Sneake...


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Fashion Show: JCI Fashion Class 153 Presents “Untitled”

Join JCI’s graduating Fashion Class 153 as they take us through a night of street-inspired fashion on Tuesday, July 19th at Performance Works in Granville Island. Their fashion show labelled "Untitled" will showcase an array of collections coordinated by students which celebrates individuality and loving oneself, especially in the eyes of fashion. The team behind this showcase believe that everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin and fashion is typically the first place to start. For more updates and a look behind the scenes of the Fashion S...



Career Advice from 11 Seasoned Fashion Pros

It’s true what they say: if you want quality advice about how to develop your career, ask the people who have already succeeded. We’ve rounded up some of the most popular career advice as given by some of our favourite fashion success stories to help you supercharge your career. Top photo credit: Page Six ...



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