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Self-Care Products You Need This Fall

And just like that, Summer came to an end. With Fall approaching quicker than ever, we have turned to the health and wellness professionals to help you prepare for the new season, mentally and physically. Scroll down to view some of the popular products that Millenials are consuming for better health, fitness, nutrition and well-being. The Wellness Kits  Academic, financial, work, physical, and social stress are common for Millenials to undergo, which are a few reasons that self-care has become more important than ever. These trending wellness kits ...


Maria Velasquez,

Hip Hoppers

Adding a spring to your step…literally, Kangoo shoes are a hip-hoppin’ new footwear trend invading the parks, sidewalks and fitness centres around the glode. Identified by their roller-blade-looking boot with oval-shaped rubber shock absorber bouncers attached to the bottom, Kangoo shoes are the modern-day moon boot booming big-time with Vancouver’s fitness-obsessed citizens. According to the Kangoo Club Canada manufacturers, Kangoo shoes are meant for physical activity, reducing the impact of force on one’s knees by 80% and burning more calories i...


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