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The 5 Stages of Loss and Grief…of Your High Heels

Step 1: Denial You’re walking down the street and you see an old man in super short shorts with leathery old legs, on his feet- socks and sandals. This is normal; this is what you always see; old men running around town or mowing their lawn in good, old, thick, knit socks and Velcro sandals. You’re then walking around scouting the latest street style and you encounter the trendiest group of ladies. You look at their outfit thinking "wow I need to snap a pic; they look good." You scan over what these girls are wearing and then you see their feet ...



School Survival Guide

As a student who has survived JCI’s Fashion Business and Creative Arts program, I’ve put together some tips for students that might make you life a bit easier. Tip #1: Set all of your clocks five minutes ahead. You won’t actually notice your clock is ahead because it seems like such a small amount of time but let’s face it, you probably have nothing to wear and would like to stop at Starbucks before class and you most likely can’t run in your Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Tip #2: Sleep. Just to clarify I said sleep not nap. Napping only further destroys...


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