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Is Kanye West a Legitimate Designer or Just Hype?

Image credit: iDigitalTimes It’s hard to tell whether we love to hate Kanye West… or whether we hate that we secretly love him. Whatever the case may be, the controversial artist/designer/professional celebrity knows how to get attention. From his best-selling rap albums to his political and artistic opinions to his recent interest in fashion, Kanye seems to have no limits. But are his sartorial undertakings earnest? Or is this just another of Kanye’s attention-grabbing ploys? We take a look at Yeezy’s foray into the world of fashion. Yeezy’s ...


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Can you tell us about what you do for H&M and how you got started? I'm a visual manager at H&M so I take care of all indoor displays, mannequins, merchandising the garments, and also helping out customers on the sales floor. I started at H&M in December 2007; I had just graduated from JCI and heard H&M was going to be expanding in BC (they only had 1 store open here at the time) so decided to apply for a Visual Manager position despite my lack of retail experience.  I got hired as a Full Time Sales Advisor and knew I wanted to work my way ...



Introducing the Dystopia Fashion Show!

DYSTOPIA- an imagined place or state in which everything is unpleasant or bad, typically a totalitarian or environmentally degraded one. The theme for our fashion show started as a mixture of a riot and a toxic wasteland. This was inspired by both the music video “No Church in the Wild” by Kanye West and Jay Z featuring Frank Ocean and the chaos in the Ukraine. Personally, I wanted a very dark and moody show; something that wasn’t too frou-frou and the typical showcase of glamour. I wanted to find the beauty in the darkness. Now Class 144 is creat...


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