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Balmain, Karl Lagerfeld, Alexander Wang: Why Top Designers Choose H&M

Even with zero interest in fashion, anyone with an Internet connection would have caught wind of the recent wildly popular H&M x Balmain collaboration. In fact, the worldwide day-before lineups, inescapable social media buzz, and record sell out times made people everywhere sit up and take notice. And it made us wonder: why do top designers go mass market? A Little History Image credit: Whenever a high end designer launches their own label, they start with a signature (usually eponymous) haute couture line. These lines are us...




I first saw bleached brows on Marc Jacobs Fall 2014 runway and right when they hit the runway I knew this wasn’t the end. Shortly after, Miley Cyrus posted a selfie with her newly bleached eyebrows, and now Katy Perry has jumped on that train and showcased her fresh invisi-brow. I honestly feel that if you have the style to back up this (crazy) beauty trend, then I’m all for it. But if I start seeing sixteen-year-old girls with no eyebrows channeling their inner Marliyn Manson just because they saw Miley and Katy do it- then I’ll be a little worried. ...



Everybody Wants to Be a Cat

From cat ear headbands to Kenzo’s must-have graphic tiger print sweater, incorporating a meow mix of feline fashion into your wardrobe is seen to be the current cat’s meow of style trends. The sudden kitty craze, possibly due to Internet sensations LOLcats and Grumpy Cat, has given a renewed coolness to being a “cat lady”. A tad kitchy if you ask me, the abundance of cat graphics on hats, shoes, bags, t-shirts, tights, dresses, sweaters, pants and even home décor is unavoidable when shopping and strolling the style columns as of late. Kirsten Dunst....


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