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JCI Hair Blog: Men’s Hair Styling 

It's all about texture and a lived in feel for men's hair this fall. Layer on the warm clothes but take that fade shorter for a trendy take on men's hair styling. Here are the top looks to try (or suggest to your man) this fall/winter: The fade The fade should be worn tight and close on the sides, with some skin showing in the nape. The main update from summer is that this season we have moved on from the whitewall look around the ears. Try a more layered, textured top or even disconnected to give it a more relaxed look. This cut should be styled loosely...



Men’s Skin Care: 8 Grooming Tips for Guys

Image source: With the recent comeback of traditional barbershops, not to mention the proliferation of men’s skin-care products and services, there’s just no excuse for poor grooming these days. And don't worry, it doesn't take an excessive amount of effort. In fact, we’ve rounded up 8 awesome grooming tips to help all the gentlemen out there stay on top of their grooming game—easily. 1. Lay a solid foundation Let's start with the basics of any grooming regimen. Before you go exfoliating, moisturizing, trimming, plucking, or shav...



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