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JCI Fashion: Class 151’s Spectrum Fashion Show Recap

To end off their 47 week journey in JCI's Fashion Business & Creative Arts Diploma Program, each fashion class pulls together to produce a Fashion Show. From conception to production, the students are involved in planning and executing all elements of a fashion show, including selecting the venue, clothes, music, selecting models, and such. This month, Fashion Class 151 took over Performance Works on Granville Island to present, Spectrum. Why Spectrum? The band of colors of a spectrum, as seen in a rainbow, represents each individual's styl...


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Fashion Show: JCI Fashion Class 151 Presents “Spectrum”

Join JCI’s graduating Fashion Class 151 as they take us into a vibrant night of colorful fashion. Iridescent and bright colors and textures representing the spectrum of a rainbow will be portrayed within the collections coordinated by the group. Your support will be much appreciated as net proceeds will go to the Covenant House Vancouver.  For more information on the Fashion Show, check out their promo poster below: For more updates and a look behind the scenes of the Fashion Show, be sure to follow Class 151 on: Instagram: @151spectrumshow ...



Sand to Gobo! – The Lasya Tandava Runway

The process of designing the stage for Lasya Tandava has actually turned into quite a dilemma. Initially, the runway was excitedly proposed to be a dessert-like sand runway. This runway concept would have created a spectacular, long, rectangular, sand box! We had even found a sand sponsor! However, due to some complications with Performance Works who thought the sand may ruin their flooring and maypossibly grind away the runway, the sand box runway was trashed. We started back at square one and decided to ask Performance Works for their opinions. The stagin...


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