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The Top 10 Shoes Every Woman Should Own

Have you ever heard the saying that the average woman falls in love seven times a year? Well, six of those times are with shoes. As tempting as it can be to purchase every pair of shoe or heel that sparkles and shines or knee-high leather boots, you have to admit that most of your love at first sight shoes get worn once or twice before they go out of style. Instead of struggling at the mall and purchasing shoes that you can wear only a few times before they've disappeared from the face of Earth, here are the top ten staple shoes that every woman should own...


Maria Velasquez,
Blog / Fashion

Must-Have Summer ’18 Footwear

Last year sparked new trends in footwear and we witnessed the rise in popularity of fur accents. Thanks to Rihanna and her collaboration with Puma, releasing the Fenty Fur Slides, this footwear became so popular that now you could find fur on shoes being sold everywhere, including Forever 21, Urban Planet and Aldo. Although you may still have fur slides waiting to be slipped on this summer, 2018 has brought many new styles for us to try. This summer we've noticed a trend of empowerment and femininity in footwear. From athletic-looking shoes to block h...


Maria Velasquez,

The Birkenstock Trend

A tradition since 1774, Birkenstocks are making quite the comeback. This German designed shoe was once worn by hippies all around the world and was often frowned upon by fashionistas. I find it interesting that those who most likely looked at Birkenstocks in disgust two years ago, are now the first to be sporting them around town. Designed for comfort, and not so much to make a fashion statement, Birkenstocks are turning out to be the must have accessory of the season. Dressed up with a silk skirt or dressed down with jeans and a t-shirt, these shoes are ver...


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