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How to Theme your Instagram Feed

Remember when people used Instagram almost exclusively to showcase their food and late night selfies? This billion dollar app has now grown into a successful tool for blogging and building a digital portfolio. Not only is it efficient and easy to use, Instagram allows you to create, share and promote content to attract and gain followers. Before we get into the guide on how to begin a theme for your Instagram feed, check out these examples edited through the popular app VSCO: [gallery ids="13517,13518,13519,13520,13521,13522"]   VSCO is wi...


Maria Velasquez,
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JCI’s Vietnamese Fashion Star Mitchell Dubois

Meet Mitchell Dubois, the current Social Media Coordinator at Vancouver Fashion Week  and fashion student at John Casablancas Institute from Saigon, Vietnam.  Mitchell's home is half a world away, but one of the important factors in choosing to study at JCI is because of its location in Gastown. “It is a very cool and artistic neighborhood in Vancouver and the friendly environment at JCI is also an aspect that I liked. It's a comfortable place to study.”  It wasn’t an easy journey for Mitchell to leave Saigon. It took two years before his famil...


Maria Velasquez,
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Navigating Fashion Trends

If you love fashion, chances are you've struggled at some point with being a practical shopper. No one wants to be a slave to every breaking style, but at the same time it's fun to buy and wear new pieces. We have been conditioned to always want more, and when something is popular, it's easy to feel like you need to have it. Social media can magnify this effect, since you see the same few items again and again on your news feed. As great as you might feel in your new purchase, always being onto the next big thing can lead to unhappiness with your clothes ...



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