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Tips from JCI: Getting Motivated

The weather is warming up, and the people of Vancouver are out on the streets, beaches and patios in full force! Not feeling the good vibes when the rest of the city is jumping for joy? It's easy to get wrapped up in school work or your career and to feel less confident than you'd like. If that hits close to home and you're in need of a little pick me up, we've put together a few simple ways to help you get motivated! Here are a few tips from JCI that can improve your outlook and get you on the road to success: Tip #1: Improve Your Mood Your mood can be ...


Maria Velasquez,

Dress for Success

Getting out of bed to make it to school on time is a struggle for any 20 something student. But hey look at you; you’re a fashionable JCI student! You should probably look more like a picture from the and less like you slept under the Granville Bridge. Here are a few more reasons to always look your best: -Who doesn’t instantly feel more confident with a good outfit? Make that sidewalk your own personal catwalk. -Fashion is self-expression, what exactly are you trying to say to the world? Your Ugg boots and crocs may be comfortable, ...


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