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Why You Should Invest in Vital C Products

The Vital C line by Image Skincare are products that you should invest in for this summer. These products can only be purchased at spas, high end salons or at a doctor’s office. The Body Spa at John Casablancas also carries Vital C products. What exactly are these products? The Vital C line carries products such as hydrating facial cleansers, hydrating serums and hydrating repair creams. If you’re someone who spends a lot of time in the sun, and let’s face it, summer is around the corner which means we’ll all be enjoying the warm Vancouver sunshine...


Maria Velasquez,

Smartphone Movie Time

Have you ever wanted to go to a drive-in movie theater or have a movie night outside during the summer months? You can! All you need is a smartphone, shoe box, duct tape, X-acto knife (it works better than scissors), magnifying glass (3-4 inch diameters), a ruler, pencil, and a phone stand. First thing you do is duct tape all the openings on the shoe box, make sure to cover all the holes and gaps in the box, you don’t want to allow any light to enter or leave the box except for where you will place the magnifying glass. Next, mark around the lens. Go to t...


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