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Sally Omeme Discusses Her New Collection Presented at Raw Vancouver

JCI Fashion Business & Creative Arts graduate and knitwear designer Sally Omeme presented her latest collection at the Raw Artists, Vancouver fashion show on Sunday, January 13th, 2019. After spending days and nights fashionably stressed working towards the Raw Artists show, and even sewing last minute pieces together backstage prior to the models walking down the runway, Sally Omeme showcased a spectacular collection. "I was so grateful to have had hair and makeup artists from JCI help me prepare for this show."  Sally's designs consist of ...


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Vancouver Fashion Week FW16 Recap: Save the Best for Last

Vancouver Fashion Week came to an end this past Sunday. Closing out the week-long event were two talented JCI Fashion graduates, Bonnie Chung and Mark Abenir. Each debuted their Fall collection to a full-house at the Chinese Cultural Centre, ending VFW on a high note. Inside, the venue was packed; on the main floor, every row was full, while eager late-comers resorted to leaning over the balcony in hopes of getting a better glimpse of the runway. Backstage, the energy was palpable. Amidst the organised chaos, models shimmied into dresses, while make...



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