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JCI Hair Blog: Invest in Your Hair

Time to up your hair game! Found yourself in a a bit of hair slump? It's time to find yourself some new tricks that'll kick your hair game into high gear. Here are some tips and go-to products to get your new 'do started off right: 1) Dry shampoo. Try out a few, but definitely try it out. I find the aerosol versions the easiest to use and feel the best in my fine hair. Check out this link to to see their top ten! Tip: Spray or shake dry shampoo into dirty roots. Comb through gently and either blow dry a few sections on the top to ...


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Describe the moment when you realized you wanted to be a hairstylist. I have always wanted to be an artist of some form or another ever since I was little. I didn't always know it was going to be hair, even though it's pretty clear looking back. I don't think I've ever had one defining moment. I learned to braid very early on my Barbies and My Little Pony. My mom would sew and I would use fabric glue to make their outfits, do their hair, and do fashion shows with them. As I got older, I was always the friend that did everyone's makeup and hair at sleepover...


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JCI Hair Blog: She Wears Short Hair Down By the Seashore

I'll cut to the chase. Short hair is in. Yup. Short hair. If you made the big chop into last summer's LOB, then it's time to try on the new pixie. It's longer in the front, creating a sweeping fringe to be worn either side. It's fitted in the nape, but textured throughout. Wear this pixie sleek and cleanly parted with a nineties feel, or soft and wavy and or messy and beachy. Of course, the modern look has a disconnected side or undercut side, but keep it classic to get your feet wet. Once you see how feminine , and versatile this cut is, then have...



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Makeup is Art 💥 and we love how much fun #JCI Makeup Artistry graduate @nickeilgenesis has when creating her creative looks! 🍭 Swipe right to see a close up of this sunflower grunge inspired makeup 🌼 // #BornToDoThis #JCInstitute #Makeup
Yellow Fever 🌟 Creative Manicure done by #JCI Body Spa instructor @lili_beautyart ⚡️ Book your next manicure and pedicure at JCInstitute! 💅🏼 // #BornToDoThis #JCInstitute #BodySpa #Manicure
Sweet like Candy 🍬 Makeup and styling by #JCI student @hausofgodly 🍭⚡️Photo by: @stevelukinukphotography 🍦 // #BornToDoThis #JCInstitute #Makeup
Mellow Yellow 💛 #JCI Fashion Business & Creative Arts graduate and influencer Emma Leger (@emmaleger) rocking this yellow sweater ⚡️ #BornToDoThis #JCInstitute
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