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Top Fashion Brands That Millennial’s, Gen-X & Gen-Z Trust


According to the American market research company, The NPD Group, in 2017 Millennial’s and Generation Xer’s spent a higher share of dollars on apparel compared to other generations. With their influence highly impacting the fashion industry, they are bound to change the way fashion brands market themselves.

So how do Millennial’s shop differently from Gen X? Millennials are more likely to shop online via smartphones, learn about sales from their friends and family, look for low prices and high-quality content, which can be viewed on Instagram.

On the other hand, Gen X spend a lot of their time on the web, which means they look for new and unique products through online searches. Gen X also look for honesty and trustworthy communication from brands.

Generation Z is born after the millennial age and looks for unique ways of shopping. Just like Millenial’s, Gen-Z is digitally savvy and are interested in what’s ‘cool’ and in-trend. They also prefer influencer marketing more which can be found via Instagram.

According to The Huffington Post, “Google claims that Millennials rate Wendy’s as cooler than Chik-fil-a, Dell cooler than Virgin America, and Best Buy cooler than Chipotle.  While Gen Z supposedly think, Kraft is cooler than Red Bull, and Chanel is on the same level as Nestle.”

Here are the top three that Millenials and Gen Xer’s have complete trust in: 


Nike is a powerful brand and with its ownership of Jordan and Converse, they are definitely a hit for Millenials and Gen Xer’s. Nike is described as stylish, well designed, good value for money, good quality and reliable.

You would think brands like Supreme or The North Face would add to this list, however, a study discovered that Gen X doesn’t obsess over luxury brands, whereas Millenials still show interest in brands including Supreme, Balmain, Tom Ford, etc.


Dove, the personal care brand for men and women, has built a reputation in showcasing real beauty throughout their campaigns over the years. This is something that Millenial’s and Gen Xer’s appreciate, authentic and realistic commercials that are genuine and honest.

“Generation X is uniquely positioned. They know what they want and what they like and most importantly who they are,” says Joe Stagaman, EVP, Advertising Effectiveness Analytics for Nielsen, for The Christian Science Monitor.


Amazon is a mega-brand like Netflix and Google that is bound to be a success for Millenial’s and Gen X. Many young people trust in Amazon and refer to it as a ‘cool’ website for its convenience and variety of products to choose from. You can count on these group of young teenagers and adults to do all their holiday shopping through Amazon.

JCI has earned its internationally renowned reputation by taking a personalized approach to education.

Throughout each program of study, creativity and passion are celebrated to ensure that every student maximizes their potential and reaches their goals. Our small class sizes also reflect our commitment to quality education and fostering individual growth.

JCI not only focuses on providing the most cutting-edge and relevant training available, but it also takes your postgraduate success to heart. Program Directors and Industry Liaisons are on staff to assist your transition from initial concept to securing your dream job.

Our local and international connections give you unparalleled access to makeup, fashion, hair and spa opportunities, and we fully recognize that our reputation is defined by our graduates’ success. We’re searching for students that share our vision and will bring their unique style, commitment and drive to the table.

Davneet Dhillon,
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Body Products You Need This Summer


Skincare products are flourishing our Instagram feed with famous bloggers and influencers showing off the must-have products for this season. The future of skincare continues to grow and millennials are investing their money towards popular brands including Ouai, Neighbourhood Botanicals, Sol de Janerio, L’Occitane and more. This summer is all about taking care of your skin and keeping it not only hydrated but also shimmering.

Here are this seasons must-have body products: 


This year Material Girl by Madonna launched a new collection of body mists and are available in nine refreshing fragrances. Keep these fun products in your bag this summer because you’ll definitely want to use body mists in this heat.

Other companies that sell popular body mists include: Jo Loves and Sol De Janerio.

Have enough body sprays? You can also buy hairs mists from the following brands: YSL, Tocca and Dior. All products sold at Sephora.


This season’s hottest trend and the key to a summer glow is the shimmering body oil. The most popular body oil that has been appearing all over our Instagram feed is the Shimmer Body Oil by Bali Body.

JCI Fashion Business & Creative Arts graduate and Instagram Blogger Emma Leger has worked with Bali Body by promoting their products on her blog.

Other body oil products can be bought from the following brands: BECCA by Chrissy Teigan, Moroccan Oil, and Fenty Beauty by Rihanna.


As much as we all love using bath bombs, take a break from your favorite Lush bath bombs and try bath salts and body scrubs to help keep your skin hydrated and energized. Don’t worry if you can’t make it to a spa often, Natural Spa Factory has all the products you need to give yourself the best at-home spa experience.

Bath Salts by Sarah London are 100% natural, vegan and made in London. They come in the perfect travel-size jars that you can pack in your carry-on luggage.

And let’s not forget about our feet. There has been a new trend of feet masks going around and we are thankful for it. Many of us can tend to forget to take care of our feet but it’s important to use hydrating foot creams and masks to exfoliate dead skin and allow our feet to remain soft throughout all seasons. Inspired by South Korean women, skincare brand Seoulista delivers you at-home pedicures with their products.


Now introducing balms that provide more than just keeping your lips hydrated. The L’Occitane Almond Delightful Body Balm not only smells great, but works wonders.

Here’s what a customer has to say about this product:

“The feeling that this body balm leaves on your skin is just outstanding. It’s unbelievably silky and smooth. The feeling is warm and comforting, not wet and sloppy like our typical moisturizer. The fragrance is very subtle and feminine, but not overly floral or sweet. The container is luxurious but not too heavy to carry around. A little goes a long way, this would make an ideal Mother’s Day gift – especially paired with the delightful Almond Shower Oil! another classic that works great as a shave lotion. These two together… wow. Your skin will be like silk.” – Madeline_DM


Jen Atkin is the CEO of hair-care brand OUAI and we can’t get enough of these products! The brands newest item launched is the Sun of a Beach Ombre Spray which is a sun-activated spray-in hair lightener. So what exactly does this product do? It gives your virgin-hair shine or if you have highlights in your hair, it brightens them. Sounds like a must-have product for this season, right?

The 44-week Body Spa Program is one of a kind in professional spa training, encompassing basic and advanced spa services. The program consists of in-depth theory and practical knowledge, constant student practice, family practice week, weekly tests, creative projects and spa floor services in a beautiful spa setting. By the end of the program, you will be spa ready by projecting professionalism and confidence in performing both basic and advanced spa services.


Davneet Dhillon,
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From Korea to Vancouver: Meet Nina Park, JCI Hair Artistry Student


Born and raised in Seoul, Korea, Nayeon (Nina) Park first visited Vancouver in 2013 to study English abroad. She recalls living in the city and being amazed by the geographic landscape and a relaxed social atmosphere.

“I promised myself that I’d visit Vancouver again one day.”

In 2016, she graduated from university in Korea with a degree in International Business and a minor in English. Seeking to challenge herself and gain some independence, Nina packed her bags and bought a one-way ticket to YVR.

What inspired you to get into the Hair Industry?

Nina: My mom used to cut hair when I was young and my best friend’s mom is a hairstylist for Hollywood movies and TV shows. Their life stories inspired me to get into the business myself.

“I am a huge fan of Korean Pop Music (K-POP) Watching music videos is a great source of inspiration when I’m looking for new hairstyles. The VEVO section of YouTube is where I do some of my best research!”

Why did you choose to enroll at John Casablancas Institute for the Hair Artistry Program? 

Nina: I chose JCI because of the school’s reputation. As a newcomer to this city, I had to rely mostly on word-of-mouth. Before enrolling, I asked my local friends to suggest some famous beauty schools in Vancouver. JCI was one of their top recommendations.

“After spending 5 months at JCI, I know I made the right decision about this school and have the privilege of being at one of the most famous beauty schools in BC.”

When new clients ask about me, I just tell them that I’m a Hair Program student at JCI. People tend to assume that I must be talented based on my schooling alone. I’ve started advertising my services to international clients since I speak a second language. Most of them book appointments right away without any further questions.

What is your favorite hairstyle to create? 

Nina: I like natural-looking styles that enhance the subject’s inherent beauty. I’m also greatly inspired by Korean fashion, where designs are more contemporary, youthful and endearing. For hair, that means smaller curls, fewer layers, and bold colors. I really admire finished looks that radiate with both charm and simplicity.

What are some must-have hair products you use?

Nina: One of my secret weapons is Shu Uemura – Ultimate Remedy Extreme Restoration Conditioner. My hair was really dry from repeated colorings. From black to blonde, then pink, red, brown, and now purple. I used this product once and could feel the softness come back within minutes.

Any advice you could give to someone wanting to pursue a career in Hair? 

Nina: Some clients walk in with a clear idea of what they want, while others have no clue. Ultimately, they’ve chosen you specifically for your guidance and expertise. You need to have great listening skills, an ability to connect with people and a strong sense of style!

When she’s not at JCI, Nina works as an apprentice at Salon Era. The senior stylists there have been coaching her in between fashion shows and competitions. Nina considers herself very lucky to be training with them and hopes to offer the same premium-level services in the future.

Hair Stylists and Colour Technicians are sought out in some of the most exciting and fast-paced industries in the world including film, fashion, TV and photography. The Hair Art Design Program at JCI is the only accredited hair school in BC approved for a 520-hour curriculum. The program is 20 hours per week and offers the option of morning, afternoon, evening or weekend classes so that students can work at their current jobs while retraining for a new career. Our faculty is comprised of top working professionals and guest instructors whose focus is on the future of hair. This is a modern program providing a strong foundation of cutting and colouring techniques.

Davneet Dhillon,
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The New Skincare Trend: Crystal Healing


Crystal healing has become a popular skincare trend this year that involves crystal beauty products and stone treatments. The most common treatment using crystals is known as the gua sha massage. Gua sha is a traditional Chinese treatment used for facials.

The benefits of gua sha facial massages are that it can increase blood circulation which then removes toxins that help prevent wrinkles and aging. Not only is this treatment good for your skin, but it is also very relaxing.

A spa technician would use this flat handheld crystal tool and rake it across the skin with medium pressure, allowing your blood circulation to increase. There is no pain involved in this process and this wellness trend is becoming popular that you can buy the crystals and do this treatment at home.

Jade rollers, on the other hand, are ancient Chinese tools that many millennials are investing in. These rollers are used for soothing the skin and can be bought for less than $10.00 from Amazon.

The jade roller is a rolling pin made from a jade stone that is used to sweep against your face while applying mild pressure. Many believe that these crystals have magical healing powers, which is why they have become a hit this year.

“I’ve been using my jade roller and my gua sha stone for a few months now on myself and clients, and I can see and feel the results on my face from less puffiness to smoother looking skin. It feels great around tired eyes and I also am a big fan of using gemstones so when I saw these tools I thought wow! These are perfect to use at night before bedtime (my favorite) for a fresh lift!” – Heather Haslam, JCI Body Spa Instructor 

The 44-week Body Spa Program is one of a kind in professional spa training, encompassing basic and advanced spa services. The program consists of in-depth theory and practical knowledge, constant student practice, family practice week, weekly tests, creative projects and spa floor services in a beautiful spa setting. By the end of the program, you will be spa ready by projecting professionalism and confidence in performing both basic and advanced spa services.

Davneet Dhillon,
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Meet Ashley Tambour: JCI Graduate and Educator


Ashley Tambour graduated from John Casablancas Institute’s Makeup Artistry and Body Spa Program. She has worked in the film industry part time while having her very own salon at home. After gaining experience in the industry, Ashley came back to JCI to teach Makeup and most recently, the Body Spa Program.

“During high school, I always wanted to become a teacher but I couldn’t see myself teaching a subject I did not enjoy. When I got the opportunity to teach at JCI, I was excited because I was now able to teach what I love! Teaching at JCI is great because not only do I get to teach students what I have learned in school, but I get to share my experiences from working in the industry. Seeing students succeed makes me feel like I have done my job right. I still work in film and take clients when I am available and stay updated on new trends so I can relay that information to my students.”

Born in New Westminster and raised in Coquitlam, BC, Ashley always had a passion for making people feel good about themselves. Working in two industries that allow her to do so is a dream come true for Ashley.

“If your client is happy it assures you that you have done a good job. Whether that’s a small change such as a brow shape or a polish application, it can make both you and your client feel great when seeing the finished results.”

Ashley chose to enroll at JCI because of the well-rounded programs and atmosphere. As soon as she stepped into the Institute for the first time, she was greeted by a friendly and professional environment and knew this is where she belonged.

She has always been inspired by Tracy Lai, Director of Special Effects Makeup, which helped make her decision enrolling in the makeup program much easier.

“Tracy has always shared so much knowledge and inspiration with myself and her students. She inspires me to work harder every day! I am always inspired by the instructors that I work with, and new people I meet in the industry. Always be open and willing to try new techniques!”

As a makeup artist, you set your own work days and hours, which comes with the perks of being your own boss. Ashley acknowledges that once you find your area of expertise, you are able to find a job that will be very enjoyable.

Ashley has worked on set of many shows and films including Once Upon A Time, Legends of Tomorrow Season 2, The Arrangement Season 1 and was an intern on Untold Stories of the ER, as well as various Hallmark and Lifetime films.

“The great thing about the makeup and spa industry is that there are so many different areas of expertise that you can get into and focus on. JCI allows you to find your true passion within the programs. If you end up liking all different areas, you are able to gain more opportunities because you are able to offer many different services.”

Upon graduating the Makeup Program, Ashley kept in touch with her instructors which helped her to get working right away and stay connected with the latest buzz in the industry. In less than a month, Ashley was back at JCI enrolled in the Body Spa Program.

“I was lucky enough to be the key makeup and hair artist on the first independent film I worked on. At first, I was very nervous to apply my knowledge gained from JCI to this film and execute the makeup perfectly. However, once I began working I got comfortable and I was able to build confidence in my skills. After gaining more experience, I was able to apply to IATSE and work on Union films.”

While Ashley continued working in the film industry, she also opened an at-home spa where she focused on nail art. As of now, she is an incredible instructor at John Casablancas Institute who sees herself apart of the JCI family in the next five years, as well as working in the film industry, taking on bridal clients and opening up her own salon.

JCI’s Makeup Artistry Diploma Program has gained an industry-wide reputation for excellence, giving students an exceptional network of contacts and resources when they enter the marketplace. During the 10-month full-time program, students study everything from glamor and special occasion makeup to special effects makeup and prosthetics application techniques. With classes limited to 16 students, individualized attention and encouragement foster each student’s personal and professional growth potential.

John Casablancas Institute is the pioneer of prosthetic lab techniques and face casting in Western Canada. This advanced level of training affords our graduates amazing opportunities and a significant advantage for a career in film, TV or theater.

Davneet Dhillon,
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