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The Children of Cinema: Movies’ Impact on the Way We Dress



When “talkies” first became popular in the 1920s, they captured the imagination of a generation and created the image of the “Flapper” girl.

Today, movies’ influence is still as great. My 4-year-old niece was obsessed with all things cowgirl after watching the Toy Story movies and after being introduced to more Disney films, her princess stage has begun. No dress is too fluffy, too pink or too sparkly for her. She even notices the fine details that make a look complete.

A few months ago I walked in to my brother’s house only to see my normally sweet niece acting like a little terror to the horror of her uncle. She was wailing, in tears and kept saying that she wanted a ponytail like Jasmine. He explained that he did her hair like normal, in a regular ponytail, and she freaked out. Instantly I knew what was wrong: Jasmine uses 3 ties on her hair, not one. I quickly added the extra ties and all was well.

It’s not just 4-year-olds that want to look like their favorite movie icons. I always have a new movie that is influencing my style. After “Factory Girl” I wore dark, excessive makeup, black opaque tights with
everything, humungous dangling earrings and to my mother’s dismay, short mini-dresses. After “Kill Bill”, I wanted long blond hair like Uma and I scoured the internet to find the same sunglasses she wore when her character visits Japan. At the moment, I’m really influenced by Sienna Miller’s character in “Alfie,” the long bangs, the leather, the lingerie-inspired looks.

What about you? What movies are your style inspirations?

Lisa Bandura, JCI Fashion Student

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