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I have recently come across a new wardrobe favorite of mine, the bralette. Not only are they more comfortable than a regular bra, they are also more affordable and easy to wear. The bralette is the perfect cross between a bra and a crop top and makes sheer or low cut tops, easy to wear.

The trick to wearing bralettes is to not expose too much skin. Here are some tips on how to wear them:

1-Wearing a bralette that is printed will look less like a regular bra so it can be easily translated into your wardrobe without looking like you forgot your shirt. Wearing a printed bralette paired with highwaisted pants and a blazer can be a fun twist on a professional look. Add a pair of pointed toe stilettos for a pop of professionalism.

2- Sheer tops can be tricky to wear; no one wants to show their bra! Try wearing a plain coloured bralette under your sheer tops for a perfect way to cover up. Wear this look with your favorite pair of jeans, cuffed with some coloured shoes.

3-For a summer inspired look try pairing a colourful bralette with a pair of silky black shorts and a denim vest. Wear with your favorite sandals or dazzle it up with a pair of flatforms.

Hopefully this helps you when styling your cropped or sheer looks throughout the warm season! To see a few more tips check out this video.

Gina Bukovnik, JCI Fashion Student

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