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The Look of One Forty Two


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The One Forty Two fashion show is based on a high class dinner party that takes place in a forest setting. We plan to incorporate elements of the wilderness in a variety of ways but one of the most fundamental is the hair and make up.

We want our models to look effortlessly beautiful, so they will wear minimal concealer and foundation, only a touch or two of a pastel eyeshadow colour, and their lips will also have a hint of colour to complete the look.

In regards to hair, it will be back combed lightly to create an relaxed look. Some of the models will be wearing lightly tossed curls, while others will be wearing their hair in a loose bun with curls falling out around their face. To complete the wilderness look, our class will be hand-crafting gold wired crowns.

The One Forty Two Fashion Show in support of the Looking Glass Foundation happens Thursday November 21 at Villa Amato (88 East 1st St), doors at 6:30, awards at 7:00, and show at 7:30. Tickets are available at JCI (220 Cambie), $25 in advance, $15 for JCI students, or $30 at the door.

Linda Le, JCI Fashion Student

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