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The Magical Duck Island


RichmondNightMarket-Hero-Win.png Offering 1,500 free parking spots plus 250 booths of treats and goodies, the Richmond Night Market: Magical Duck Island opened its doors on May 17 and continues running Friday and Saturday nights from 7pm-midnight until October 14.

Not only does it boast of its interesting merchandise and good food, the Magical Duck Island is also proud to offer this year’s Adventure Game Board. The Grand Prizes include a travel voucher for anywhere in the world, a custom painted Mini Cooper, trip for two to Las Vegas, three nights aboard a cruise ship, iPods, iPads, and LED 50” TVs! A player has to complete all squares on the Game Board (given at entrance) in each of the three levels (blue, pink, and green) by visiting locations within the Richmond Night Market. Each square on the Game Board is either a Stamp Square or a Q&A Square. Once a Game Board is entirely completed, a player has a chance to win the Main Prize Draw to be held on October 14th, 2013.

Although enticing prizes are offered, my friends and I did not play the Board Game because we were short of time and money. However, we weren’t discouraged to munch on an array of delicious food and look at attention grabbing merchandise. My personal food favourites are the Rotato (flavoured potato spiral on a stick), takoyaki (squid balls), strawberry and mango icy (fruits on shaved ice, condensed milk, and iced cream), and Japanese crepe (strawberry and banana with Nutella, whipped cream, and iced cream). Being a fashion student, my eyes were locked on accessories as there were lots of trinket vendors there, while my puppy owner friends were keen on the super cute puppy clothes. With lots of happy faces and filled tummies, the Duck Island was magical indeed!

Sabrina Diaz, JCI Fashion Student

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