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The Masculine Mystique


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Back when I was younger, very few men were experimenting with street fashion. Now if I see a guy that is a bit out there in his style or well dressed I probably wouldn’t take a second look. What I’ve noticed in Vancouver men’s fashion is an exploration of all things feminine. Men in floral patterns and skirts are strutting down the street like it’s no big deal. The confidence that they have without outwardly trying to butch up and make it look manly, is sexy. It puts women to shame sometimes.

Working in fashion retail you get exposed to many different style tastes. At TopShop I am surrounded with men with unique styles. For example, my co-worker came to work in black pants, a white shirt and Keds. That doesn’t seem very exciting but then he pulled a floral crown out of his bag and placed it on his head. He gave himself a final once over in the mirror and was satisfied that his look was complete. As odd as it may sound, he made it look good. The confidence he exuded, that whatever he put on was going to look fabulous, worked for him.

I could go on about all the other memorable outfits that have been worn at TopShop but then I’d have to write an essay. I just want to give praise to those adventurous men whose outfits make girls jealous.

Sema Uludag, JCI Fashion Student

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