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The New Skincare Trend: Crystal Healing

Maria Velasquez
Blog / Body Spa

Crystal healing has become a popular skincare trend this year that involves crystal beauty products and stone treatments. The most common treatment using crystals is known as the gua sha massage. Gua sha is a traditional Chinese treatment used for facials.

The benefits of gua sha facial massages are that it can increase blood circulation which then removes toxins that help prevent wrinkles and aging. Not only is this treatment good for your skin, but it is also very relaxing.

A spa technician would use this flat handheld crystal tool and rake it across the skin with medium pressure, allowing your blood circulation to increase. There is no pain involved in this process and this wellness trend is becoming popular that you can buy the crystals and do this treatment at home.

Jade rollers, on the other hand, are ancient Chinese tools that many millennials are investing in. These rollers are used for soothing the skin and can be bought for less than $10.00 from Amazon.

The jade roller is a rolling pin made from a jade stone that is used to sweep against your face while applying mild pressure. Many believe that these crystals have magical healing powers, which is why they have become a hit this year.

“I’ve been using my jade roller and my gua sha stone for a few months now on myself and clients, and I can see and feel the results on my face from less puffiness to smoother looking skin. It feels great around tired eyes and I also am a big fan of using gemstones so when I saw these tools I thought wow! These are perfect to use at night before bedtime (my favorite) for a fresh lift!” – Heather Haslam, JCI Body Spa Instructor 

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