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There’s a New Sweater in Town…


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Fall brings with it the need for an It Sweater and this year Aritzia’s iconic cowichan zip-up has a new contender: The Fuzzy Sweater.

Despite a few long decades of evolution this wardrobe necessity has landed on the runway once again looking more modern than ever. Alicia Silverstone rocked it, your mom probably lived in it temporarily, and once again trendsetters are sporting the ridiculously cute fuzzy sweater.

Fall fashion tends to be basic and versatile. This often leaves the ‘I need something new’ ache in any shopaholic’s heart. The fuzzy sweater brings statement, meaning, and fun back to the monotone outfits of fall.

Pair your fuzzy sweater with jeans or tights and ankle booties for a laid back look, or opt for a flirty skirt and heels for a dressier feel. Heck, throw it on over a dress in replacement of a heavy coat to keep you warm in the chilly outdoors. The trick to perfectly flaunting the fuzzy sweater is to wear it with low-key pieces in order to keep it in the spotlight.

This emerging street trend was inspired from the runway; beautifully designed angora sweaters by Jill Stuart, ASOS, and Maison Martin Margiela have stirred up fall fashion this year by offering a modern take on the throwback 90’s look. Fast fashion retailers such as H&M and Forever 21 have also presented the sweaters to consumers at lower costs.

The combination of uniqueness, versatility, and comfort makes the fuzzy sweater a perfect replacement for the drab, predictable fall pullovers that take over our closets every year.

Kelli Klassen, JCI Grad

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