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Tips from JCI: Getting Motivated


The weather is warming up, and the people of Vancouver are out on the streets, beaches and patios in full force! Not feeling the good vibes when the rest of the city is jumping for joy? It’s easy to get wrapped up in school work or your career and to feel less confident than you’d like. If that hits close to home and you’re in need of a little pick me up, we’ve put together a few simple ways to help you get motivated!

Here are a few tips from JCI that can improve your outlook and get you on the road to success:

Tip #1: Improve Your Mood

Your mood can be decided for the day from the minute you wake up. Starting the morning off with a good breakfast can help set yourself up for success. It’s a proven fact that eating breakfast provides you with much needed energy and gets your body off to a good start. Most people skip that important morning meal because of a time crunch getting out the door – if you’re someone who hits that “snooze” button a lot, try putting your phone across the room so you have no choice but to get out of bed to turn it off.

You can also end the day on the right note with a calming bedtime routine. Drinking water before bed helps relax your body and allows you to fall asleep more quickly. Planning out the following day before bed  can also help eliminate unnecessary stress.

Tip #2: Appreciate Yourself 

Try to get rid of all that negativity in your life! It will only make it hard for you to focus on yourself and all the amazing things you are capable of. Writing out positive thoughts on a piece of paper can help you to get more motivated or stay on the right track. Start thinking about your future goals, appreciate the good parts of your life and try something new without fear of failure!

Taking care of your body is also very important to your mental well being. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle decreases your chances of health issues, and improves your overall mood. If you’re not a “gym-junkie” there are many other options such as going for a walk, swim or a hike. Vancouver has so much to offer in terms of the great outdoors so get out there and take advantage!

Tip #3: Except Success

“Confidence comes from success…But confidence also combines another quality because you can be successful, yet lack confidence. It requires a mental attitude shift to an expectation of success. And this alone can bring about more success, reinforcing the confidence. It spirals from there.” – Jason Hihn

Identify your strengths and weaknesses without judgement. Everyone has things they excel at as well as opportunities. Once you’ve acknowledged your weaknesses, you’ll know the skills you have to improve on. Success doesn’t come overnight, so take your time to work on the things you’ve identified and slowly build up your confidence.

Tip #4: Take Risks and Build Confidence 

In order to lead a happy and confident life, you have to be able to take risks. It’s easy to get comfortable with the same daily routines, but taking that chance can lead to opportunities you weren’t previously aware of. Many times things don’t work out as you plan, however knowing the you’ve tried also helps build confidence.

Practice self-confidence every day by acknowledging people around you, speaking with authority, and watching your posture and tone. All these skills will help make you feel and look more confident.

For more tips on motivation and how to be succeed, check out our Life Tips board on Pinterest.

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