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Tonight- Lasya Tandava Fashion Show!



We’ve all been waiting and anticipating and it is finally the big night! JCI Class 140 and The Looking Glass Foundation are proud to present Lasya Tandava.

The fashion show is inspired by the beauty of India and the Nataraja statue which represents the god Shiva as he does his cosmic dance of destruction and creation to change a weary universe.

“Lasya Tandava is setting up to become a cultural and emotional experience. You will be taken away, moved by the warmth, and transformed by the shows evolution,” says fashion business student Jayde Wilburg.

Lasya Tandava is a fundraising fashion show production. This event is in support of youth battling against eating disorders and The Looking Glass Foundation tha helps them.

Come join us to celebrate an evening of culture, style and unity as we take you for an out of this world experience. See you there!

The Lasya Tandava Fashion Show happens today, Thursday June 13 at Performance Works (Granville Island), doors open at 6pm with space for socializing and drinks, then the fashion show starts at 7:30pm. Tickets for JCI’s Lasya Tandava Fashion Show in support of Looking Glass Foundation are $25 at the door.

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