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Top 4 Men’s Fashion Blogs That You Need to Bookmark NOW!


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There are so many women’s fashion blogs out there that blogs about men’s fashion can sometimes be put on the backburner. I was able to conjure up a list of my favourite men’s style bloggers that can help you find some inspiration. These blogs showcase very unique styles and offer advice to guys who may need a little help in the dressing department.

1. Cup of Couple ( – Based in Madrid, Spain, Mike Madrid and Gabriel (Gabi) Garcia showcase both of their unique styles. Mike is a photographer with a more classic style, and Gabi, a graphic designer, who also happens to be a photographer, gravitates towards more bold patterns and edgy looks. Both complement each other despite their contrasting fashions.

2. Dapper Lou ( – Based out of Brooklyn, Lougè Delcy created his blog to document the work and style of modern men by publishing street styles, editorials and still life. Lougè found that sites exclusively dedicated to menswear were sparse and began photographing men on the street with excellent style to demonstrate exciting spins to menswear.

3. Scout Sixteen ( – Based out of New York, Justin Livingston’s blog is an expression of his life in New York City. He showcases his own style – a mixture of vintage and classic pieces. He also features some of his other interests on his blog such as music, life in The Big Apple and styling stories.

4. The Starving Stylist -pictured- ( – Based in Vancouver, BC, this local blogger showcases his personal style, which is a unique mixture of high end designer and fast fashion. Not only are his posts funny, but all of the pieces he showcases are available locally.

Natasha Jaswal, JCI Fashion Student

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