According to the American market research company, The NPD Group, in 2017 Millennial’s and Generation Xer’s spent a higher share of dollars on apparel compared to other generations. With their influence highly impacting the fashion industry, they are bound to change the way fashion brands market themselves.
So how do Millennial’s shop differently from Gen X? Millennials are more likely to shop online via smartphones, learn about sales from their friends and family, look for low prices and high-quality content, which can be viewed on Instagram.
On the other hand, Gen X spend a lot of their time on the web, which means they look for new and unique products through online searches. Gen X also look for honesty and trustworthy communication from brands.

Generation Z is born after the millennial age and looks for unique ways of shopping. Just like Millenial’s, Gen-Z is digitally savvy and are interested in what’s ‘cool’ and in-trend. They also prefer influencer marketing more which can be found via Instagram.
According to The Huffington Post, “Google claims that Millennials rate Wendy’s as cooler than Chik-fil-a, Dell cooler than Virgin America, and Best Buy cooler than Chipotle.  While Gen Z supposedly think, Kraft is cooler than Red Bull, and Chanel is on the same level as Nestle.”

Here are the top three that Millenials and Gen Xer’s have complete trust in: 


Nike is a powerful brand and with its ownership of Jordan and Converse, they are definitely a hit for Millenials and Gen Xer’s. Nike is described as stylish, well designed, good value for money, good quality and reliable.
You would think brands like Supreme or The North Face would add to this list, however, a study discovered that Gen X doesn’t obsess over luxury brands, whereas Millenials still show interest in brands including Supreme, Balmain, Tom Ford, etc.


Dove, the personal care brand for men and women, has built a reputation in showcasing real beauty throughout their campaigns over the years. This is something that Millenial’s and Gen Xer’s appreciate, authentic and realistic commercials that are genuine and honest.

“Generation X is uniquely positioned. They know what they want and what they like and most importantly who they are,” says Joe Stagaman, EVP, Advertising Effectiveness Analytics for Nielsen, for The Christian Science Monitor.


Amazon is a mega-brand like Netflix and Google that is bound to be a success for Millenial’s and Gen X. Many young people trust in Amazon and refer to it as a ‘cool’ website for its convenience and variety of products to choose from. You can count on these group of young teenagers and adults to do all their holiday shopping through Amazon.

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