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I first saw bleached brows on Marc Jacobs Fall 2014 runway and right when they hit the runway I knew this wasn’t the end. Shortly after, Miley Cyrus posted a selfie with her newly bleached eyebrows, and now Katy Perry has jumped on that train and showcased her fresh invisi-brow. I honestly feel that if you have the style to back up this (crazy) beauty trend, then I’m all for it. But if I start seeing sixteen-year-old girls with no eyebrows channeling their inner Marliyn Manson just because they saw Miley and Katy do it- then I’ll be a little worried.

Eyebrows are the most prominent facial feature. The perfect eyebrows can do wonders to a face. They can enhance our eye shape, bring out strong features like our nose and lips, they can sharpen your jaw and make your face look two times smaller.

Ever since I was little, being half Iranian and half Greek, I was blessed with three-inch tall eyebrows. My family always told me not to touch them, just clean them up so I don’t look like a bush woman. Everything changed on that warm sunny day in grade seven at an old friend’s house. She plucked my eyebrows and I was left with two sperm shaped eyebrows on my poor chubby face. After that commotion, I realized I’m never letting anyone who isn’t a professional touch my eyebrows.

Anyways, I can definitely see the bleached brows trend as a hot new thing, especially for all the Tumblr kids of the world, but personally I think this trend should stay on the runways and not in the bathrooms of our homes. So for me, the only thing I’ll be bleaching on my face is my moustache.

Christina Kazemi, JCI Fashion Grad

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