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It’s all about using your head this season to beat the heat at pool side parties and restaurant patios this summer. Although some of you think that hats should be a thing of the past, they can prove to be your best friend this summer if you give them a chance. They will save you from unforeseen sunburn, heat stroke, and possible sun poisoning.

When choosing your summer hat (or hats) you want to consider your face shape and your personality. You never want to undermine who you are as an individual or cover up that sunny disposition.

Big brimmed and floppy are always a stylish and flirty way to show your feminine side while remaining classy, elegant and, most importantly, protected. These chic styles have been around for many years, and I personally predict them to be around for many more. They are perfect for days at the beach, walking the strip, or even early dinner dates. This super cute striped big brim is from and can be bought at $47.64.

If it is something a little smaller you are after, a straw fedora might be the hat for you. These hats come is many different colours and textures. While it may not cover your full face, it will still protect you from the heat, and is stylish enough to bring you from day to night. This super cute straw floral print fedora is from Aldo and can be found at $25.00.

If you are even more daring and want to play it little wild you could always opt for a turban style head cover. The scarf will cover your head protecting you from direct sun and added heat. These scarves come in so many cute colours, patterns, and textiles as well. I found the super cute turban style below on Etsy for $11.14.

You could also lean more towards a good ‘ol baseball cap, which will keep you feeling sporty and still protect you. I have a hand full of these ready by the door as they are usually my quick go-to all summer long.

All of the above are not only ways to stay safe this summer, but also a sure fire way to stay cute, fashionable, and chic.

What is going to be your go to hat of the season?

Kaylee O’Neil, JCI Fashion Student

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