Vancouver Fashion Week came to an end this past Sunday. Closing out the week-long event were two talented JCI Fashion graduates, Bonnie Chung and Mark Abenir. Each debuted their Fall collection to a full-house at the Chinese Cultural Centre, ending VFW on a high note.
Inside, the venue was packed; on the main floor, every row was full, while eager late-comers resorted to leaning over the balcony in hopes of getting a better glimpse of the runway.
Backstage, the energy was palpable. Amidst the organised chaos, models shimmied into dresses, while makeup artists circled the room, looking for anyone in need of a touch up. Through it all, JCI graduates Bonnie and Mark remained focused on the task at hand—to ensure their vision played out exactly as they imagined.
Bonnie’s collection, Je Vis Bridal, was second to hit the runway. Bonnie started her career designing custom evening gowns and cocktail dresses, but as she grew creatively, she wanted to create dresses that served a greater purpose. Naturally, she landed on bridal wear.
Je Vis Bridal VFW 2016
This particular collection drew inspiration from requests from real-life brides. “A lot of brides like to have more than one dress during their wedding”, Bonnie told us. That’s why her latest collection features 6 tops and 6 bottoms that can be combined in a myriad of ways.

The John Casablancas models looked ethereal as they floated down the runway in Bonnie’s creations. Our favourite combination was a soft tulle, more feathery bottom paired with an illusion, sleeveless top. It was a show that had every potential bride-to-be in the audience fantasizing about her special day.
When asked about her own wedding, Bonnie replied, ““I’ll probably create something completely different for myself—maybe I’ll wear a black one.”
Next up, was Mark Abenir’s provocative, show-stopping collection from his line Averynthe. When asked his biggest inspiration, Mark replied without hesitation, “Beyonce.” This seems like a natural fit, considering how fierce and sexy his designs are.

VFW 2016 Averythne
For this collection, Mark stuck to a darker colour palette, giving the whole show a more ominous, dramatic feel. We loved the fluidity in all his pieces—one of his longer dresses with a beautiful studded choker really stood out for us.  Strutting down the runway in unison wearing Mark’s designs, the JCI models looked like a pretty empowered group of women. #squadgoals

VFW 2016
Our biggest takeaway was how Mark’s collection embodied the confidence he gives off. We can proudly say these are the kind of clothes that make you feel like you can take on the world.
VFW 2016 averythne
Congratulations to both these talented, successful JCI graduates!
JCI’s Fashion Business & Creative Arts Diploma Program provides students with a comprehensive overview of the fashion industry, combining creative and business elements. This diverse approach gives our grads a distinct advantage both in knowledge and skill. If you’re interested in joining a Vancouver Fashion School, JCI would love to hear from you.
Blog Contributor: Alex Falconer