John Casablancas Institute Fashion Business & Creative Arts and Core Design graduates had the opportunity to showcase their collections at Vancouver Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2019.

LillzKillz X PR0FAN1TY

JCI Fashion Business & Creative Arts and Core Design graduate Lillea Goian hopped off the plane at YVR returning from New York Fashion Week and headed straight to VFW. Twenty-year-old Lillea, also know as LillzKillz, is a Vancouver-based designer who has been featured in countless magazines, including most recent Hunger Magazine and Forbes.

She was listed as one of the eight designers to watch for at NYFW according to Forbes Magazine.

“Her unisex designs include faux fur, seat belts and car fenders found at a car junk yard and take inspiration from suburban family life portrayed in TV sitcoms from the 1990s.” – Forbes 

Lyndsey Jackson X Phased by LJ

Lyndsey’s collection consisted of dreamy Spring fabrics and light colors, completely different from her dark and moody FW18 collection. After showing a sneak peek of her SS19 looks on CBC Vancouver, we were more than amazed viewing the entire collection at VFW.

Lyndsey’s inspiration comes from Japanese and Korean designers and she loves creating matching sets for all of her looks. Why settle for just a pair of pants when you can buy an entire outfit from Lyndsey’s latest ‘Feels Like TWENTYSOMETHNG’ collection for Phased by LJ, inspired by the last decade of her life.

Nairo Gutierrez X GUTY S.S.T. 

Vancouver-based designer and Core Design graduate Nairo Gutierrez revealed his collection for his brand GUTY S.S.T. at VFW for the very first time and we are so proud of him. Nairo’s designs are unlike others seen at VFW, his futuristic designs are versatile and meant to be worn throughout various activities. His models wore masks and accessories giving off elements off sci-fi, fantasy and military, street and fitness.


We are so proud of all of our graduates who showcased at Vancouver Fashion Week for SS19 and can’t wait to see what these fashion designers will do next in the industry.

In a time when we are so removed from where our clothing comes from, it takes a special individual to want to pursue fashion design- a person who understands how rewarding it feels to make something with their own hands. Someone who possesses an innate desire to create and is determined to bring their unique vision to the world. In the Core Fashion Design program, you’ll start with something as abstract as a sketch and turn it into a collection. We’ll provide you with the most advanced and relevant curriculum, while training in an environment that’s similar to a real fashion design company, so you can make your mark on the world as a designer.
This 26-week Fashion Design program consists of in-depth theory, practical knowledge, additional open lab time and hands-on, creative projects. To ensure that your training is current and cutting edge, we’ve teamed up with top fashion designers from Alexander McQueen, Aritzia, Lululemon, Helly Hansen, Kit and Ace, and OAK+FORT, giving you access to some of the most design-oriented minds in the city. We asked these industry leaders what they’re looking for in recent graduates, and incorporated their wants and needs into an efficient 6-month design program. By the end of the program, you’ll showcase your debut collection to a live audience at the JCI Graduating Fashion Show.