Hello! My name is Marley Hutchison and I am a student in the Fashion Business & Creative Arts program at JCI Institute. This past weekend Nadiya Abdul and I got the opportunity to go to Vancouver Fashion Week for the first time, and if you follow JCI on Instagram you would have seen some clips of the shows we saw! 

Since it was my first time, I did not know what to expect and didn’t know how it compared to Fashion Weeks in the “Big Four” (NY, Paris, Milan, London). Fashion Week happens twice a year, in February to show Fall/Winter collections and September to show Spring/Summer collections for the upcoming year.


FAUN Studio Instagram (she also showed in PFW and NYFW!)

There were some VERY creative and super unique shows that I saw like Evan Clayton, Seyit Ares, and Brunette the Label– who is launching a collection with Juicy Couture in November. My favourite shows were by FAUN by Marisa P. Clark and byLJ Studio who is a JCI grad! I loved how elegant and playful FAUN was with orange earrings and papaya skirts and byLJ Studio had the cutest outfits and everything looked so comfortable. Both shows were simple and feminine which is why I liked them best but there were so many shows to see, all worth the watch, and I loved seeing every style type!

byLJ Studio

byLJ Studio

It’s always been a dream of mine to go to NYFW or Europe but Vancouver Fashion Week was super fun! Here are a couple of things to note: 

  • You must be at least 19 to come and watch- they do check ID’s before you enter.
  • The venue is small and the nights are usually from 4-10 pm, so bring some snacks or money to buy drinks! 
  • Come before the doors open to get in line and get a good seat! One night I went alone because Nadiya was working and I got a great seat, made some friends and got the best videos! Which goes along with:
  • Remember to bring layers to save your seats. There are a few breaks during the night but people leave and this is a prime time to switch to a better seat so keep your eyes peeled and bring a scarf you can leave on the chair in case you want to walk around and visit. Personally, I loved the second row because you were above the front row heads but not completely exposed to everyone in the spotlight and lighting was still great!
  • Bring a portable phone charger, the night lasts a couple of hours and since your phone will be on, using all your social media and camera the entire time, your phone is prone to dying, so be prepared and cover all your bases.

If you get a chance to go to VFW, go! It is such a good experience, opens your eyes to some local designers and different style types and you might even get to make some friends! 

Will I be seeing anyone there in the spring?

xx Marley