The fashion industry is as thrilling as it is competitive. It takes a special blend of natural talent, learned skills and firsthand experience to stand out from the pack and land your dream job. Here’s a list of the key things prospective employers will be looking for:


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The Basics

Even if you know you’re more interested in the analytical aspect of fashion (think: fashion buying, merchandising, or retailing), fashion drawing is a skill that many employers expect their potential employees to have at least a basic handle on. It makes sense. The best way to communicate an idea? Show ‘em. Basic illustration skills come in handy in these instances.

An Eye for Style

A well developed styling eye is an advantage across the fashion industry. Even if it’s just for your own sake (you know what they say: dress for the job you want). Whether you’re applying as a stylist, textile buyer, or fashion PR account manager, an innate eye for style, composition and colour will give you a definite advantage. The best part? Even if this isn’t something that comes naturally to you, fashion school is made to develop just this skill.

Spatial Design

You might be angling for a bigger-picture position in the industry. Window displays, fashion show set design or merchandising all require organization, spatial awareness, and coordination. Learning to keep track of lots of moving parts while creating something cohesive and appealing is the key to succeeding in this career path.

Business Savvy

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From Concept to Reality

Whether you want to help an existing company grow its sales or start a business of your own, a strong understanding of what it takes to launch and build a business is crucial. A good fashion program will teach you how to draft a business plan, crunch numbers, and manage stock like a champ.

Sartorial Selling

Marketing and promotions are a massive and lucrative part of the fashion industry. Marketers, public relations expert, writers, and sales reps (to name a few) are all power players in moving product off the shelves and into the hands of consumers. Knowing how to shape a message, position your product, and leverage your network are all sought-after skills that any fashion job applicant should have a handle on.

Supply and Demand

Understanding the intricacies of supply, demand, trends, and forecasting are all indispensable to the retail aspect of fashion. Analyzing buying trends and developing a knack for balancing inventory give fashion school students a distinct advantage over their peers when applying for their dream fashion jobs.

Hands-On Experience

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See, Learn, Do

The number one thing employers in the fashion industry are looking for? Practical experience. It doesn’t matter how much theory you know if you’ve never put it into practice. At JCI, small class sizes, practicums and hands-on projects mean that students graduate with relevant experience under their belts. For example, students are tasked with putting on a fashion show completely from scratch.

These are exactly the skills and tools you’ll need to land your dream fashion job. Enrolling in fashion school will leave you with the experience, confidence, and much-needed competitive edge to make it in the industry.

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