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What Sex and The City Has Taught Me



As a little girl I grew up hearing about this adult TV show known to me as S** and The City. Then the title was scandalous but over the years these four ladies have taught me many things in life, some good and some bad. Here are some of the lessons I learned from the show.

Shoes Over Dudes: Even if you’ve only seen one episode of Sex and The City then you know that Carrie and the girls are obsessed with shoes; especially Manolo Blahnik. Even if you have to sacrifice a month’s worth of rent for those strappy sandals , it’s worth it. No matter how bad your day was, a new pair of expensive shoes will always make it better.

Always Ponder Life: Anyone can be a successful writer if they finish their articles with a question. We all know that Carrie is a popular sex columnist for a New York newspaper. She writes about life dilemmas, men troubles and personal problems, all relating back to sex. While pondering her life, then writing her articles she always leaves off with a question. This has taught me that to be a published writer in New York all you have to do is ask yourself a lot of questions.

Chicks Before Dicks: This show is infamous for their steamy hookups, relationships and sex. But no matter what happens with the girls, they always choose each other over the men. Over the years watching SATC I have learned that your girlfriends are forever. They can be your partners in crime, your adopted family, and your shoulder to cry on.

You’re Never Too Old to Find Love: Over the years this group of girls have had their fair share of relationships. Stretching into her 40’s Carrie wasn’t sure if she’d ever find love. The search soon ended when long time on-and-off boyfriend Mr. Big finally committed. Same with the other girls. Charlotte finds her Prince Charming through her divorce lawyer and lives her dream life. Miranda settles down with her husband, son and their new dog outside of the city. Even Samantha finds love with her hot actor boyfriend. This show teaches young girls that it’s okay to be single, and it’s okay to get older. You can still be fabulous without having a man on your arm or a ring on your finger.

If you haven’t seen the series I highly suggest you do.

Kalhiea Robb, JCI Fashion Grad

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