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What the colours you wear say about you



Colour physiology is the study of hue and how it can effect human thought or behavior. Since first impressions are made within minutes of meeting someone, it can be useful to see what the colours you wear say about you. One of the most powerful things is to wear what makes you confident, but it’s interesting to know why you might feel so sophisticated in all black or more bold in red. It could even come in handy in a job interview or similar when you want to make a distinct impression.

In general, light colours are seen as more friendly and approachable while darker ones are more authoritative. Follow along as we break down the most popular colours and see what colour physiologists are saying about them:



Known as being a passionate colour, red can be seen as aggressive, competitive or intense. On the other hand, it can be seen as attractive and confident. In fact, during one study, waitresses wearing red lipstick even earned higher tips though apparently men wearing red were seen as angrier.



In the past a colour of royalty, purple can be seen as luxurious and ambitious. Wear this on a day you need a little pick-me-up.



The colour of wedding dresses, white is seen as innocent and pure in North American culture. It can also symbolize hope, though it’s interesting to note that in China and elsewhere in the world it can represent death.



Seen as sophisticated and elegant, black is the go to for many. Remember than darker generally means more authoritative, so it can also be a commanding shade.



Naturally occurring in the oceans and skies, blue often represents calm or serenity. Throw this on when you need to be a calming influence.



Another natural colour, green can symbolize balance, creativity and energy. Feeling tired in the morning? Put on something green to energize you for the rest of the day.



Again a colour that is seen often in nature, brown is stable, comforting and reliable. It gives off a consistent and trustworthy vibe.



Not surprisingly, yellow represents everything sunny and optimistic! It is seen as friendly and cheerful, but can also represent caution.



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