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allison.pngSitting through lectures and dedicating hours to homework on a weekly basis makes it difficult to remember that there is any glamour in the fashion industry. But every month or so, we race to the front desk in hopes of getting a spot on the JCI Mixer photo shoot list; the crescendo of creativity amidst the exams and term projects.

Our minds embark on a journey of artistic expression. Finally, we can slip our feet into Grace Coddington’s shoes and realize the dream of creating one of those beautifully, creative, glossy editorials in the pages of Vogue magazine. But before our shoot can seek Anna Wintour’s approval, it must first undergo a quick reality check.

We, as fashion students, lack the resources of the Holy Grail otherwise known as Vogue’s closet, not to mention the financial backing, which is why it is so great that we have access to great model talent at John Casablancas, such as the amazing Alison Powroznik.

Before my very eyes I have witnessed her transform during the Mixer photo shoot (pictured here) from an uptown girl to a fairy then a badass to a psychiatric patient. She accomplished this while maintaining an incredibly positive attitude, even offering to help carry equipment.

It was no surprise to me that Vancouver designer and John Casablancas instructor Dace Moore chose Allison as the face for the dace clothing Fall 2013 collection, but I do take credit for shooting with her first.

Roy Wilcox, JCI Fashion Student

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