Victoria is a JCI Makeup Artistry Grad and is part of the Sephora Team in the Robson, Vancouver location. Victoria is a highly active influencer on Instagram and focuses on creating surreal looks that made her one of the grand winners of last year’s JCI ‘s 31 Days of Horror. Today, we have decided to team up with her, and talk a bit more about when her passion for Makeup started, as well as the reason why she chose to study Makeup Artistry.

Victoria Rasmussen

What inspired you to pursue Makeup as a career?

I’m really inspired by Horror Films, the hard work and techniques that surround the makeup looks are incredibly intricate, they have always interested me and got me wanting to learn the work that goes into it. I also felt inspired by makeup when I went to the IMATS a few years back. Seeing the amazing makeup looks, as well as getting to meet my idol Greg Nicotero, an American special make-up effects creator, television producer, director and of course the Head of makeup of the Walking Dead got me where I am today. Greg Nicotera was probably one of the biggest reasons why I decided to pursue Makeup Artistry.

Victoria Rasmussen

What made you decide to attend Makeup School?

I wanted to have a career in Makeup and learn the techniques the right way. I knew how to do makeup on myself but the school gave me the confidence to do it on myself and on someone else, and that’s something that’s harder to learn on your own. Makeup School teaches you how to do things properly, as well as the makeup artistry etiquette, like not putting yourself in a situation that is not professional. You are taught everything from working with and how to deal with other people to maintaining a nice relationship and being social with your clients.

What are some things Makeup School gave you?

  • Confidence – Both in myself and in my abilities. If I do makeup on my own I will be able to do it without someone checking up on me because I’m confident in the skills I learnt in school.
  • Accountability – You’re the artist, so people rely on you and you have to be accountable and be professional for the work you do. Really realizing that people depend on you, in school you were all models for each other. If I was sick sometimes so I would tell my partner of the week to make sure she would get a model, because the mark of absence doesn’t onl